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It’s officially the first day of Fall, and you know what that means… Pumpkin! This month’s recipe is one of our favorites. It’s super easy and always a hit... It’s pumpkin dump cake!

Now, for those of you that have never made a dump cake before, they typically take little to no prep. Can I get an amen? You open up cans of fruit, dump them into a pan, spread out a bag of cake mix, and cover it in butter. Then, by some voodoo magic, you end up with a dessert everyone loves! I know. It’s wild...

This one is slightly more involved, but in the grand scheme of baking, it’s still quite easy.

Now just for clarity, we did not make this recipe up. I (Sarah) found it on pinterest, made a couple minor adjustments, and the final product is what you see the kids making in the video. If you’re looking for a good fall dessert recipe, this is the one! And as you’ll see in the video it’s a great recipe to make with kids.

If you end up making this we would LOVE to hear your review! And if you have a suggestion for what we should make next let us know in a comment. We hope you enjoy watching Evan and Taya, and that you enjoy the outtakes.




1. Don’t melt the butter. Use cold butter cut into strips, and then lay them over the cake.

2. I cut the amount of nuts in half and only used ¾ of a cup. You’re more than welcome to use more, but I felt that 1.5 cups (the amount in the original recipe) was a bit overkill.

3. This one is not an adjustment, but I just wanted to clarify. The recipe calls for 3 eggs, but you’ll notice that we didn’t follow that exactly in the video. Our modification was out of necessity. I forgot eggs when I went to the store and only had 2 in the house. We used ¼ cup of apple sauce in place of the last egg, which was a perfect substitution, but I would recommend sticking with the 3 eggs if you have them.

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