Kaloway Beans and The Keurig

Single-cup coffee makers are all the rage, and we want to make sure you’re getting the best cup of coffee when using those machines. Here are our top tips for making the best single cup of Kaloway Coffee!

  1. Make sure your machine is clean. A clean machine means a better cup of coffee! If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your coffee maker, then take a few minutes to look up the instructions. You can find them in your manual or click here.
  2. Use filtered water. Tap water contains small particles that affect your machine and the taste of your coffee.
  3. Grind your beans right before brewing. If you’re already in the habit of grinding your beans and filling your k-cups for an entire week, we get it. But, if you want the best cup of coffee, grind your beans right before you brew. We promise it’ll be worth it!

And if you don’t have a grinder yet, click here for our recommendations.

  1. Use two tablespoons of beans. You may find that you like using a little less, but we’ve found that two tablespoons of beans makes a great 10 oz. cup of coffee.

What about you? Share your Kaloway Coffee brewing tips and tricks in the comments, and let us know what brewing method you’d like us to cover next!

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