How to Choose a Grinder

Whole bean coffee is definitely the way to go if you want to brew the freshest cuppa joe. But if you’re just shifting from pre-ground to whole bean, you’re probably wondering how to choose a grinder. 

In the world of coffee grinding, there are three main types:

1. The Electric Blade Grinder

PROS: Inexpensive, Fairly easy to use.
CONS: Nonuniform

Here’s the deal. Electric blade grinders are easy to use, and a great place to start. With just the push of a button, you control a tiny blender blade. But, be aware you’ll have to put in some extra work to get a uniform consistency. Beans tend to fall under the blade, getting stuck, and staying in larger chunks while the rest get pulverized. Short presses of the button and some quick shakes in between, is a workaround that will dislodge those larger chunks and result in a more uniform blend. But if that sounds like too much work check out option number two.

2. The Manual Burr Grinder

PROS: Uniformity, Fairly inexpensive.
CONS: Labor-intensive.

Did your mom use to have one of those little nut chopper contraptions? You know the kind. Nuts go in the top, you turn a little handle, and the blades work in opposition to cut them up into smaller pieces that drop into a lower chamber. That’s kind of what you get with a manual burr grinder. The nice thing about these grinders is they’re designed for consistency—no shaking or adjusting to grind the beans properly.  However, if you have wrist, elbow, or shoulder issues, we wouldn’t recommend this option. Either stick with the blade grinder or check out option number three.

3. The Electric Burr Grinder

PROS: Uniformity, Easy to use.
CONS: More costly.

The electric burr grinder for a coffee lover is what a kitchen aid stand mixer is to a baker. Essential. First, dump in your coffee beans. Then move the dial to select your grind size. Lastly, push start. If you like to make coffee in a variety of brewers (auto-drip, french press, pour-over, espresso) or if you want uniform coffee grounds without a hassle, then the electric burr grinder is the way to go. Though electric grinders can be more expensive than the blade or manual burr grinders, there are cost-effective options.

Well, there it is! Now we’d love to hear from you! Did you find this blog useful? Have any additional questions? Throw them in the comments below! And then let us know what kind of grinder you recommend and why.


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