How to Brew Better Auto-Drip Coffee

Specialty coffee is usually accompanied by unique brewing methods. French press. Chemex. Pour over. AeroPress. But what about the good old fashioned Auto-Drip? Are you allowed to buy high quality beans and then throw them in your Mr. Coffee? Or will the coffee refs call a foul?

Well we’re here to put your mind at ease... An auto-drip machine is a perfectly acceptable tool for brewing your morning (or afternoon… or evening…) cup! But if you want to make sure your coffee is brewed as good as can be, then here are our top tips for brewing in your auto-drip.

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR MACHINE IS CLEAN - A clean machine means a better cup of coffee! If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your coffee maker, then take a few minutes to look up the instructions. You can find them in your manual (recommended) or click here.
  2. USE FILTERED WATER - Tap water contains small particles that affect your machine and the taste of your coffee. Better water = better coffee.
  3. GRIND YOUR BEANS RIGHT BEFORE BREWING - If you can... We have young kiddos, so grinding beans in the morning isn’t the best idea for us #dontwakethechildren. During the week we grind our beans at night, and get our machine ready to brew the following morning. The coffee is still VERY good! But if you can, grind them right before you brew. Fresh is definitely best!
    • As for grind size, we have a Baratza Encore and we dial it into a 20 for our auto drip. This is a little coarser than what’s recommended, but it’s the way we like it. If you’re grinding using a blade grinder, or another brand of burr grinder, then you want it to end up like a slightly coarse sand. Here’s a visual:

      • When it comes to the amount of beans it’ll depend on your preference. We use ⅓ cup of preground beans for 6-8 cups, and just under ⅔ cup for a full pot (12 cups).

    What about you? Share your Kaloway Coffee brewing tips and tricks in the comments, and let us know what brewing method you’d like us to cover next!

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